Benefits of Retiring in Costa Rica

Retirement really should live up to the name “The Golden Years,” and yet far too many retirees find themselves struggling to find an inexpensive yet fun place in the United States with what savings they have. Retiring abroad is an increasingly popular option, and few places are as appealing as Costa Rica.

One of the biggest reasons why a Costa Rica retirement is so appealing is because of how friendly the people are. This includes both locals as well as other expatriates who had the same idea that you did, as well. The country is well-known for being extremely friendly and hospitable, which is appealing to a wide array of retirees.

The stability of the region is another plus. There are many particularly beautiful climates throughout Latin America that offer great places to visit or live, but few have the sheer stability of Costa Rica. Not only does that country have the lowest rate of violent crime in Latin America, but they are a fully stable democracy.

Money goes a long way with a Costa Rica retirement, as costs for a wide variety of expenses (both large and small) are far lower in Costa Rica than the majority of the United States. While this is true of many poor nations, the good news is that Costa Rica is a modern nation with the full level of first world services and infrastructure that you want. From healthcare to housing, you can get everything you need for a comfortable retirement in Costa Rica.

Whether you prefer a quiet beach town or a modern but safe city that caters to locals and tourists alike, there are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying all the fruits of Costa Rica and what this stable and friendly Central American nation has to offer everyone.

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