Financial Security for Post-Retirement Years – the HDFC Pension Plan

Planning ahead for a financially secure future is high on the list of all seniors inching towards their retirement. Pension plans are a safe haven to park retirement proceeds, but deciding on a suitable one needs some shopping, careful consideration of individual circumstances and matching the needs. Let’s quickly check out what a HDFC pension plan has in store.

An HDFC pension plan is available in several variants, ideally to suit a diverse set of requirements that potential clients are likely to have. Each HDFC pension plan has its own features and advantages. The “HDFC Life Pension Super Plus” is a ULIP HDFC pension plan enabling seniors to build up their retirement funds and leave legacy – it offers a choice of annuity options. Those looking for a lifelong income post-retirement, tax exemptions on premiums, and choices in the investment horizon can check out this HDFC pension plan, “HDFC Life Personal Pension Plus.”

Both the above mentioned plans are open to NRIs looking for a suitable HDFC pension plan.

The “HDFC Life Guaranteed Pension Plan” is yet another HDFC pension plan variant with tax exempt premiums and 1/3 of vested benefits that are tax-free, provide choice of payment terms and investment horizons, plus lifelong annuity post retirement. “HDFC Life New Immediate Annuity Plan” is a unique HDFC pension plan that offers an alternative of annuity options and guaranteed income to the surviving partner. For seniors seeking a single premium HDFC pension plan, “HDFC Life Single Premium Pension Super Plan” offers joint-life annuity option, death benefit to the nominee, and a guaranteed lifetime annuity.

For people approaching their retirements, or still employed and seeking to build up funds for a financially secure post-retirement life, shopping for a suitable HDFC pension plan may prove beneficial in several ways. It is, however, important to evaluate the features of the plan and its benefits before signing up.

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