Greetings for Retirement Cards

There will always be a time during work life when someone important to you is starting to retire. The proper move to make is to purchase some retirement cards and think of something thoughtful to write inside. Due to the situation it can be tough to figure out what you wish to convey. It is important to consider your relationship with the individual, how close you are to them, also how good they feel about the issue of retirement. Then once you made your decision it’s time to break down the theme of your message

A popular choice is humour. The issue of ending your work life is rarely considered serious. Many people look forward to it, so writing a message that shows a good sense of humour would be ideal. Something like “God retired after just 6 days of creating the heavens and earth. So What took you so long” would be memorable and the cause for much hilarity. Or better yet if they are married ” No one ever stops working, they just get a new boss. Your boss lives in your house. Good luck getting time off”. Keep it simple and witty.

If the person retiring is in your family, perhaps a parent or relative, then funny would be acceptable, but better yet something sincere. Common greetings include ” wishing you the best in your retirement and future, all the best”, or “today is the first day of the rest of your life, happy retirement and here’s to making many memories”. If you have worked with them in the office be sure to express how much they will be missed at work. Everyone wants to feel valued, this is a big time in their life, so make it memorable and show how appreciated they are by you.

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