How To Write A Retirement Letter

If you have made the often weighty and difficult decision to retire, in most cases you are required to put your intentions in writing. You need to know how to write a retirement letter. Besides breaking the news of your planned retirement, the letter also cites the main reasons behind your decision.

Identify yourself

Open the letter by cordially addressing your supervisor and mentioning who you are. Mention your name, job title and the number of years you have worked with the company. Depending on the size or requirements of your organization you may need to include your employee identification number and other details.

Express your intentions

Let the company know of your intention to retire in the first paragraph of the letter. Give them a specific effective date of retirement and ample notice (depending on where you work). Mention the terms of your retirement and let the company know if you plan to continue contributing to dental, medical or other available retirement plans and or contributions.

Show gratitude

Leaving any bridges unburnt is always your safest bet and you can do this by expressing gratitude for the job you held. It’s important to discuss the cause of your departure but avoid bringing up any negative issues that may have prompted your decision. Use general reasons, such as “I am pursuing new opportunities in my career.” You may need a referral in the future and it’s not uncommon for new employers to call old employers to ask about your work and reasons for leaving the company.

Provide your contact details and ask the Human resource manager to contact you to discuss any final issues. You can also request contact regarding your retirement benefits from the company’s relevant department. End the letter by wishing the company future success. It is common courtesy to express your intentions to leave to give your employer time to prepare for your departure.

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