3 High-Paying Trades That Also Make You More Handy Around the House

3 High-Paying Trades That Also Make You More Handy Around the House - How to Retire Strong

Home upkeep and maintenance can sometimes feel like a full time job. Just keeping up with cleaning maintenance duties can be overwhelming. When it comes to any specialized needs within your home, you require more knowledge and skill. If you are dealing with a leaking faucet, missing shingles or re-wiring needs, having some background in a few high paying trades would pay off big time. There are a few trades that really come in handy when it comes to your home. It is time that you learned more about the top high paying trades that matter most to homeowners.

Here are the 3 high paying trades that also make you handy around the house:


Electrical issues are something that can be common around the home. You might be dealing with breaker issues or even have outlets that aren’t functioning right. No matter what the electrical issue may be, it is impossible to deal with it in your own if you have no electrical knowledge. This is where being a trained electrician can really come in handy. You have the ability to diagnose and fix all electrical issues around the house with ease. This is something that the majority of homeowners do not have the ability to do. Trying to handle electrical issues on your own without any knowledge can result in disaster. Being an electrician can pay off big time if you own a home, and even if you don’t, the average electrician salary of $37,000 to $51,000 is quite nice on its own.

Roofing Contractor

Another high paying trade that comes in handy around the house is roofing expertise. Roofing services are extremely specialized for a reason. This is not a job that most people can do on their own. This is work that can be dangerous due to the high location of this work area. If you have experience as a roofer and learn this trade fully it can really pay off around your home, with the additional upside of the fact that roofers in Macomb County MI make anywhere from $36,000 to $50,000 per year. You will have the ability to not only repair any roof issues that might come up, but you can also install a new roof when needed. Not only are roofing materials expensive, but roofing services are also top dollar. This allows you to save a lot of money if you have the ability to install a new roof in your own. Learning more about the roofing trade could be a great investment in your first home.


You have most likely had to deal with a running toilet or a leaky faucet. When you are dealing with a plumbing issue of any type, the first thingthat yoh do is call a trained and skilled plumber for the job. This allows for the best results and is the option that makes the most sense. If you are already experienced within the plumbing trade, you have the ability to deal with all home plumbing issues on your own. Plumbing is something that every home has and it is impossible to avoid requiring plumbing services from time to time, which is probably why even journeyman plumbers make $52,000 per year on average. A willingness to get your hands dirty (yuck) pays well, or so it seems!

These are just a few of the most popular trades that come in handy around the house.

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