Help for Older Americans

Most people dream of a comfortable retirement. But unfortunately, this is not a reality for millions of people. What happens to American citizens who reach old age, are unable to work a job that adequately covers their expenses, and do not have the funds necessary to sustain their existence?

Low-income Americans over age 60 have access to a fund called Old Age Pension (OAP). Eligible people can receive up to $699 per month in cash and medical benefits. Exact amounts vary by each applicant, and are impacted by several factors.

First of all, if an applicant is a veteran, then he or she may already receive some supplemental income via Veteran’s Assistance. If an applicant is enrolled in SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) or other government benefits, then he or she does not need as much money from OAP. Many elderly Americans receive Social Security income, so that also deducts from the amount of OAP for which they are eligible. Also, if an applicant maintains a part-time job, then they do not need as much money from OAP.

In many states, individual applicants may not possess more than $2,000 in total resources. (This amount is $3,000 for couples.) “Total resources” refers to the net amount held in bank accounts, stocks and bonds, and assets.

If you are in need of OAP benefits, contact your state’s Department of Human Services. You will receive an application form. Fill it out, return it, and expect an interview via phone or in person. The interview will determine your eligibility for benefits, and the amount of assistance that you can receive.

It is fortunate that low-income, elderly persons are not subject to starvation when they are down on their luck. Older Americans can relax, knowing that OAP will help them in their time of need.

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