3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Retiring in Thailand

After a hard working life it is important to decide where to settle down for your future. More people than ever are looking to retire in Thailand and with its beauty and culture it seems like a good choice. One of the main reasons so many retired people choose here is the actual cost of living in comparison to other countries. It seems it’s a struggle in the US or UK to maintain any kind of normality on basic savings. The prices continually rise and this leads to stress.

#1 – Cost of Living

In Thailand you could easily afford a nice home or apartment for up to 40% less than anywhere else. If you just want to rent then you will still be saving a lot. You can add to this the cost of keeping a fun lifestyle, for example entertainment, eating out, transportation and you could still maintain savings each month without breaking the bank.

#2 – The Weather

The weather is a major attraction to tourists, so to retire in Thailand with each access to stunning beaches and sunshine will be a dream come true. It can get quite hot sometimes, but hey, it’s better than being cold, right?

#3 – The Food

Don’t forget about the food! Thai food is one of the most popular types of food in the world. It’s also quite healthy and good for the digestive system.

If you consider yourself adventurous, or not you are bound to find some part of the cuisine to enjoy. There is even some classes you can take to brush up on your culinary skills and, as something fun to do in the evenings. In terms of meeting other foreigners, Thailand currently has over 24 million visitors last year. There will be no shortage of people to meet and entertain yourself with. Consider this beautiful location as a place to relax, enjoy yourself without the thoughts of hard work, which will be far behind you.

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