The Best Fidelity Retirement Funds

People who want to invest in retirement funds need a healthy mix of income, security and growth stocks. This is the perfect combination because it keeps the investor’s money safe and brings in good returns on investment. Fortunately, you can get this combination with fidelity retirement funds. Some of the best fidelity funds for retirement are the ones below.

The Fidelity Contrafund

This fund one of the best retirement funds out there because it combines growth and stability in one neat package. It is mostly a domestic fund with just 8% foreign investments. Some of the top holdings in this fund are Wells Fargo, Google and Berkshire Hathaway. The fund has earned over 105% in the past 10 years. Cost is also low because this fund has an expense ratio of just $67 on every $10,000 invested.

The Fidelity International Enhanced Fund

This strong point of this fund is diversification. This fund has its focus on the international market and about 95% of its assets are overseas but this is not a problem because these assets are the developed economies of Europe. Some of the top holdings in this fund are Roche, Novartis, Nestle and BP. The cost of this fund is just $62 for every $10,000 invested and the return on investment is quite good.

The Fidelity Select Health Care Portfolio

Advocates of diversification may consider this fund a risk because it focuses on only one sector. The truth is that there is no risk here because health care is a recession-proof industry. Most people spend good money on healthcare in a boom and in a recession so it is a win-win situation. This fund raked in an incredible 42% return on investment in 2013 so it is a very safe fund.

Fidelity has great retirement funds for you. Invest in any of the funds above or simply let our experts recommend the perfect fund for you.

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