The Top 4 Best Places to Retire In

There are many places that you might want to retire to, and the options are almost literally endless. To help you choose, below we’ve highlighted some of the best places to retire.

Portugal And Spain

Those who are looking for a place that is known for great weather, as well as great health care and has a lot of history, then Portugal may be the place you want to retire in. Let’s not forget to mentioned that the country is very affordable to live in, and buying property there is quite affordable. When it comes to the European expat community, Portugal has the third largest.

Spain is another good choice for retirees to live. Spain is like Portugal, in the sense that it is affordable to live there, has rich history and the weather is great. Both Portugal and Spain are some of the best places to retire.

Florida, USA

The state if Florida, in America, is one of the best places to retire. Many people choose to retire here due to how affordable it is to live there, the beaches and the weather. There are also many things to do in Florida and the overall atmosphere in the state is laid back.


Australia is a gorgeous country where your money can go far, as the Australian dollar is usually very strong. Property may be a bit expensive to buy or to build, but the taxes tend to be rather low and health care is also low, so that makes up for the expensive property prices. Let’s not forget to mentioned that Australia has it all, from major tourist attractions to regions that have warm weather all-year-round to regions that have all four seasons, as well as beaches and the outback.

Australia, Portugal, Spain and Florida (USA) are all very good places to retire in and they are all unique. Consider moving to one of them when the time comes to retire.

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