Where are the Best Retirement Communities?

If you are looking for the best retirement communities, maybe this will help you. Here are some towns that offer a variety of amenities and affordable living.

Bella Vista, Arkansas is a good place to retire. It has a population of 27,600. There are a lot of retirees that live there and the homes are cheap. The weather is also pretty nice. The community has a variety of things that you can do there such as: walking trails, lakes for fishing or playing on, golf courses for golfing fanatics, and exercise facilities for those who like to exercise.

Another place is Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The population there is 164,700. The health care there is very good. Their medical center offers general care and has specialists in the fields of heart disease, sports medicine, cancer, and more. If you like to eat, this city has good chefs such as Chris Hammer who was a former winner of Top Chef Just Desserts. For those who love the outdoors, one of the town’s residents favorite spot to go to is Falls Park. It is a 123 acre park where you can see Big Sioux River falls.

One more place that is a good place to retire is Morgantown, West Virginia. This place has a population of 30,700. Morgantown features budget friendly restaurants, continuing education opportunities, and entertainment sites. The town has many areas where you can walk around and it also has a wonderful transportation system. If you want to explore the area on foot, their downtown features the Metropolitan Theater. This theater has hosted some great people such as Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

So if you are ready to retire and would like to find a place that is affordable and has a variety of activities to do, check out the above places.

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